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[Bash] How to show information about dd progress / statistics

dd is a great tool for low-level copying and conversion of raw data. It can be also used for data erasure. Unfortunately, it doesn’t show any information about progress of copying. Here is my little, but useful script: 1 2 … Continue reading

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[Bash] Script to swap contents of files

There are two files (for example called „f1” and „f2”). We want to swap contents of these files. Here is an easy bash script, which solves this problem: #!/bin/sh # Created by Wojtek Jamrozy (www.wojtekrj.net) mv $1 cop_$1 mv $2 … Continue reading

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[Python] Updater/archiver/synchronizer of directories

I have directory with data (music, photos, ebooks etc.) on my two computers. I wanted to have exactly same files in my data directory on both machines, but sometimes I changed content of the directory on one of computers. I’ve … Continue reading

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