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[C++] Interesting example of C++ code obfuscation

Recently a friend of mine has given me a piece of code in C++: puts(&3["abcdef"]);puts(&3["abcdef"]); At first glance it seems to not compile at all. But not only it compiles, but also prints “def”.

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[C++] Measuring entropy of file / partition

You can get further information about entropy here. Here is code of my program entropy.cpp:

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[Linux] How to check if program has memory leaks

You can check your program using command: valgrind your_programvalgrind your_program Example of usage: We have following C++ program (tst.cpp): int main() { int * tab = new int[1000000]; return 0; }int main() { int * tab = new int[1000000]; return … Continue reading

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[Algorithms] List of online judges/algorithmical contests

Here is a list of websites, which are sets of algorithmical tasks or online contests: http://www.topcoder.com http://www.spoj.pl http://icpcres.ecs.baylor.edu/onlinejudge/ http://acm.timus.ru http://acm.mipt.ru/judge http://www.uwp.edu/sws/usaco/ http://acm.sgu.ru/ http://projecteuler.net/

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