PostScript – a quick way to visualize algorithms

Sometimes (for example during a programming contest) there is a need of a quick tool for visualizing outcome of an algorithm.
PostScript might be a very useful tool then.
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Dropbox – a nice web drive

I was encouraged to try Dropbox (a web based storage service) by a friend.
Dropbox has following features:
– 2 Gb of storage space
– integration with Windows / Linux / MacOS / Android file managers
– public files; shared directories between users
If you register using referral link like this, we will both be granted with additional 250 Mb.

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[C++] Interesting example of C++ code obfuscation

Recently a friend of mine has given me a piece of code in C++:


At first glance it seems to not compile at all. But not only it compiles, but also prints “def”.
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Armored Bulldozer rampage

Marvin Heemeyer was a shop owner in Colorado. Unfortunately, one day the mayor of his city has made him angry…

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A Book of Tobias – an adventure story in the Bible

A lot of people finds the Old Testament as something boring; full of prohibitions, orders, rules, etc.
Surprisingly, there is a quite good adventure story there – The Book of Tobias (it’s part of Catholic and Orthodox canons only).

There were a father Tobit and his son Tobias – Jews of the Tribe of Naphtali. They were living in captivity in Assyria during 8th century BC. After pidgeon had shitted over Tobit’s eyes and made him blind, Tobit started praying for a death. Later Tobit remembered that one men in Media owes him money. So before upcoming death he send his son, Tobias, in order to regain the debt. Tobit found Tobias a companion for this long and dangerous journey: a mysterious – but responsible and wise – man named Azariah.

After arriving in Media, Tobias met a young and beautiful girl named Sarah, whom he has the right to marry. Unfortunatelly, the girl is possesed by demon Asmodeus, who had killed every man she had tried to marry.

Would Tobit regain his debt? Whould Tobias marry Sarah or be killed by Asmodeus?
And finally, who is Azariah?

You can find answers here:

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