Gentle Alarm – student project

Together with Mirosław Syzdek and Piotr Wałaszek I’ve had a pleasure of working over a programming project at the University. Our project is called “Gentle alarm” and is an Android application. The main goal of the project is to extend basic alarm clock in order to ensure smooth and successful process of waking up 😉

Our application has following features:

  • Alarm is  invoked  several times – user can choose how many
  • Labirynth must be passed in order to deactivate alarm – only user that is woken up can do that
  • User can choose file that is played during alarm
  • User can specify tone volume and time of playing for each of waking-up attempts
  • Multiple alarms are supported
  • Polish and English language version

Code is available on Github: Gentle alarm
You can download APK here:

  GentleAlarm.apk (4.8 MiB, 1,637 hits)

Labirynth that deactivates alarm

Labirynth that deactivates alarm

Alarm settings

Alarm settings

Alarm list

Alarm list

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[Ubuntu] Converting CR2 to JPG

I’ve received about 300 images in CR2 (Canon raw image format) and wanted to convert it to jpg.
Here is a solution working on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS:

  1. Install  libjpeg-turbo-progs, dcraw and ufraw.
  2. You can use ufraw for displaying and enhancing a single image.
  3. If you want to convert large number of files you can use following Perl script with dcraw tool:
    opendir (DIR, ".");
    @files= readdir(DIR); 
    foreach $file (@files){
    	next unless $file =~ /([^\.]*)\.CR2$/; 
    	print "Converting $file\n";
    	system("dcraw -c $file | cjpeg > $1.jpg");
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[GTD] Astrid – excelent tool for Getting Things Done methodology

 Getting Things Done is a time management methodology, which I’ve started using several weeks ago. The basic idea of the methodology is to get every idea/task/etc out of head and store it in external storage 🙂 For me it really works and helped improved my productivity.
I’ve spent some time testing different programs implementing GTD like Springpad, Evernote or Remember the Milk, but I think that Astrid is the most suitable for me. It’s free, has a nice web interface and iPhone/Android versions. Contrary to RTM, Astrid has a free synchronization service. Furthermore, one can synchronize Astrid’s task with Google Tasks and ProductEnv.

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[Facebook] See what have you posted on Facebook!

  1. Click “Account Settings”
  2. Then “Download a copy of your Facebook data.”
  3. Wait for e-mail with link to an archive
  4. Enjoy!

In the archive you can find your wall posts, photos, friends, events and messages.

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3D Driving Simulator on Google Maps

1. Go to:
2. Type 50°03′41″N 19°56′18″E in location
3. Enjoy 3d Driving Simulator on Google Maps in Kraków 😀

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